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bomber sets off blake killing himself and gird outside the u.s. embassy in -- a bomb killing himself and a guard outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. it did not damage the embassy itself. >>> on her last day on the job secretary of state hillary clinton speaking briefly on that attack in turkey. clinton says she's told the u.s. ambassador to turkey how much she values the team's service. the senate approved john kerry to take over her job earlier this week. >>> the dow closed over 14,000 today, the first time since want 7, all that despite the new un-- 2007, all that despite the new unemployment numbers which inched up a bit to 7.9%. one economist says it does make a psychological difference for smaller investors. >>> this morning's snow quickly giving way to sunshine and a whole lot of wind. topper shuttoins us now from the weather center. what's the rest of the night shaping up like? will this wind calm down? you better bundle up. the winds are going to diawara down, but the bad news -- to to die down. we're looking at temperatures downtown, 25. the high was 36 today, temps have don
civil rights names, but the former illinois congressman, jesse jackson, jr., and his wife, both left u.s. district court today convicted felons. >> just a quick message. not a proud day. i'm sorry i let everybody down. >> i fully understand the consequences of my actions. i have no interest in wasting the taxpayer's time. that's part of what former illinois congressman, jesse jackson, jr., told a judge today. weeping quietly at times, while pleading guilty to one felony conspiracy count. >> jesse needed to come to terms with his misconduct and those who were in court so he did precisely that. >> his entire famous family was there. his father, the civil rights icon, his mother, jackie, and four siblings. >> well, jackie, do you have anything? >> we love the people of chicago. >> jesse, jr., often looked back at them in the courtroom while admitting to using more than $750,000 in campaign funds on personal expenditures, including a $43,000 gold plated rolex watch and furniture for their children's rooms. jackson entered treatment for a bi polar disorder. his defense will count on th
of the biggest swim clubs. but it changed its name to the capital swim club. the u.s.a. swimming banned the elite coach for life. prosecutors declined to say whether they think that he might have abused other young swimmers. but they encourage any victim to come forward no matter how old the allegations. there is no statute of maryland here. they are saving the words for the victim impact statement at their sentencing. in rockville, bruce leshan, wusa9. >>> now, that sentencing will come in may. he would face a lot more time behind bars. if he would have accused them today because the childhood abuse are much more tougher. >>> new information tonight. a string of teenagers murdered. there were court hearings today for three of the five suspects arrested y. all of them charged in the connection of this young man. and he is one of six young people killed in the last six months. now the police say that they are close to closing another case. one of the most difficult. scott broom with the latest on the september murder of markel ross. >> i'm scott broom. it was here where they began to galvanize th
the cyclist, lance armstrong, and file add lawsuit to get it. the u.s. postal service paid $30 million to sponsor armstrong's racing team. a federal official tells u.s.a. today that by using banned substances and the subsequent coverup, the team defrauded the government. >>> a network anchor whips out an illegal high capacity magazine right on network tv. so then how come they aren't prosecuting him and why isn't the mpd releasing public information? that story comes right after the break. plus, we'll tell you why the olympic athlete accused of killing his girlfriend is a free man tonight. >>> remember that flap over nbc's david gregory bringing a high capacity gun magazine on meet the press, even though they are illegal in d.c., metro police gave gregory a pass. that, after telling nbc in advance that if they did that, they would be breaking the law. according to the washington times, metro police are refusing to make public documents about how they handled the case. times said they asked for the case number and they have gotten no response, even though the case numbers are routinely
attached. carmax. start here. >>> more e-mail reaction to the u.s. postal service plan that will curtail the snail mail. and they say that it is about time, but they've got a question. they are suppose to be revenue neutral, self-supporting. how could they generate funds to be a sponsor of lance armstrong's cycling team? how does that work? you're not the only one to raise the point, but keep in mind they spend every year hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing and promotion. that cycling team deal will cost just a fraction of that. however again you're not the only one to question them and their financial view. the big daddy, for example from virginia says that too bad that they let their financial situation get to this point. it is what it is. or get on the right track. compete with your competitors on this level, happening to their mind to have off the hook idea. and some of the best of them to get you back in the game. well, if the game involves the business schools, then i think that you could claim victory there, but i do get your point. however people should be more appreciat
. news that u.s. postal service will soon cut out saturday deliveries over the summer. this is a desperately needed cost cutting move. it's hardly a surprise, but teresa allen anderson is nonetheless all worked up about it. i am so sad to read this. i love the united states postal viers. i love the mail. i like putting my hands and eyes on something someone else had to put their hands and eyes on, too. this might be a sign of the end and i don't ever want that to happen. i don't want to see that happen. actually, teresa, this is a sign that the post office is trying to survive and frankly, it seems very few people love the post office as much as you seem to. kimberly morris, for example. i have to say from a business standpoint, i understand, but given that the usps doesn't have the best track record with service may be start to receive my mail at a normal time. i have gotten mail as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as 9:00 p.m. maybe now they will have a standard. and michael thompson worries about the little guys. what does this mean for employees? my mom works for th
the data from the 2011 american computer survey by the u.s. census. so ladies, welcome to town. >> that's right. there you go. unless you don't like cold weather. >> it's going to get colder. especially over the weekend. the rest of the week you'll have no problems. couldn't have had a problem with today. let's take a live look outside. here's our michael and son weather camera. temperatures are not exactly falling off the table here. down to 53. notice the winds are still out of the south. cold front is to the west. the dryer air moves in and temperatures will fall a little bit. we aren't looking for anything arctic tonight. a will the lot of rain in the southeast. i don't see any severe weather tonight. some rains over to atlanta. and this system for the time being, will stay to our south. the energy comes on the heels of that. that will hit us on wednesday night and early on thursday. a will the of clouds. west of i-81, find some clear skies and clear skies will slowly work their way eastward overnight. a dry commute home, if you're not home yet. a beautiful tuesday. the next storm
benefits. we have u.s. citizens that are struggling and still make too much to get government assistance. send them back where they came from and take care of our own first. but bernadette carter calls the president's ideas long overdue. this country shall the good old usa and its companies treat these people as expendable dlaif labor and -- slave labor and then scream how these illegals are ruining my country. they perform jobs real americans don't care to do. they have been the no class and no status minority. reform is a welcome change. liz bradshaw would beg to disagree. stop the nonsense about jobs americans won't do. americans were doing all those jobs before our country was flooded with dirt cheap illegal labor. i hate to break it to you, but my family came here legally from germany and italy and did manual labor. i am a white girl who cleans toilets every day for a living and it doesn't bother me one bit. there are many americans who don't feel we are too good for these types of jobs. another said this bill makes me angry. i'm a legal immigrant. i took the proper way, waited for
of information and training from different police departments, u.s. park police and military special forces. >> we've had attacks at fort dix, at fort hood. >> at big bear lake a sheriff's deputy was killed. the ex-l.a. cop had extensive tactical training. in some cases, shooters have had on body armor. >> our department has been supportive of giving us the equipment necessary with the patrol rifle program, things like that. some agencies have ballistic shields. >> reporter: plan, prepare, and having the right mind-set as hopefully putting them one step ahead. >> so when they come in we want them to identify the threat, no hesitation, no panic or fear, that they've trained, they're confident. >> reporter: in temple hills, maryland, surae chinn, wusa 9. >>> a museum giving you the chance to see nelson mandela in the near future. well, photos of him. the pop international galleries in new york city is opening an exhibit with never-before-seen photos of the former south african president. these pictures include the years he protested apartheid, his release from prison, and his presidency. >>>
. >>> federal prosecutors have charged the former u.s. representative jesse jackson jr. and his wife sandy. the ex-congressman is charged with spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal expenses. and his wife is charged with one count of filing false federal income tax returns from 2006 to 2011. jackson jr. said that he fully accepts responsibility. >>> well a new report says that d.c. is more diverse than what they used to be, but >>> 10% of the adult of the d.c. residence are self- identified as lesbian, gay, transgender, the highest in the nation. only d.c. and hawaii were above a%. 3.3% of maryland at the 2.9% identified themselves as being a part of the lbgb community. >>> well, a pair of brand new jordans are expected to be released tomorrow and they want to make sure to control all those wild crowds. you know how it gets when those shoes come out. police are working with the retailers to ensure safety for the first district commander. in the past cops found out about the sneaker releases after the fact and that's when there was trouble. police say that store owners are giving t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10